Learn to grieve creatively!

You don't have to grieve alone. 
These practices give you a friendly and nourishing support system so you can move through your grief more fluidly.

Feel empowered as you move through your grief more fluidly

Re-claim your creative voice so you can express yourself authentically.

Heal and transform so you can be a beacon of light in your community.

What are the benefits to working through your grief with a shamanic artist?

  • You will learn to move stagnant energy through your system to help you move through your grief.
  • You will have a nourishing,  supportive container in which to express what you're experiencing.
  • You and others will be present in a judgment-free space to support yourself and this community. 
  • Your creativity blossoms and seeps into other areas of your life. 

Three ways to engage




For this amount you have access to all the course materials for you to work through at your own pace in the privacy of your own home space.


This package also includes permission to attend Shaman's office hours on Fridays.

Small Group



A six month online program that meets biweekly.  This group container is a supportive and nourishing environment in which to work through the course materials with fellow grievers. The group program also includes access to shaman's office hours.


VIP 1:1



Packages can be set up for three months, six months, or longer. You will receive access to the course, the group program, and will receive one 1:1 healing session per month.


Book a call with me to see which option works best for you.

5 Repeatable Steps

  • Create:  Create something. Starting with creating a simple farewell message can be very healing.
  • Release:   Release the person to their own destiny.
  • Honor: Honor the memory. 
  • Learn. Learn the lessons.
  • Receive.  Receive the gifts. 

Components of the program

  • 6 Easy to follow modules to guide you through this process.
  • Emotional safety in a sacred group container.
  • Energetic support for your unique grieving process.
  • Lifetime access to the educational materials.
  • Access to shaman's office hours for questions or additional support.


"When I was younger I would write poetry as a form of healing. ... And then I sort of just stopped. ... I didn't write poetry for a long time.  ... This has brought it back to life ...   I'm in this group with other people who treasure these things.  This is life force energy.  ... This is so important and I've amputated that from my life."


             -Eleni, Maryland

"Safety.  Safety and being in the space with other beings that are having similar experiences.  ... This felt like a whole other level. It's not the same as going to a grief group or talking to your therapist. It's totally on another level. "


          -Avery, Arizona


"Validation.  Having this nourishing sanctuary where you CAN express yourself, freely, where you can, kind of, show up 'as is' ... I've had days where I felt distant from Spirit or myself and I never felt like the way I showed up was wrong. I've been in creative spaces and spiritual spaces that have said 'come as you are!' ... and that hasn't always been true."


          -Abby, Arizona


"What I got out of this was how important it is to just keep trying something new in a creative way. Things that aren't even really my thing like singing and dancing, but I thought 'just go for it!'  because it really does move the energy.  It really does help you connect with things and see things differently. ... It surprised me just how effective it is."


      -Heather, Alberta, Canada


Grief hits us all differently.  It often hits us in unexpected ways, even when we think we've made it through the worst of it. Not everyone needs the same kind of support.  Some folks could really benefit from the group format, where they can feel like they are doing their work in a community-supported environment.  Some folks are in a very tender place and could benefit from private 1:1 support.  I am here for you if that's what you need. Please reach out to see if we can come up with a custom package for you.







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